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Every bottle needs an introduction, why not couple it with a limited time offer! Check out our monthly selection, of the freshest wines curated by Naturalista for your tastebuds.

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The curation process is almost a zen type of experience for us, kind of like a Wine Yoga! It's not only the palette that we use as our guide, but also the philosophy that the winemaker adhere's to when approaching the land which we hold to the highest regard.

Let's Get Natural! is an online delivery portal for Natural wines in Thailand.  Founded on the ideals of promoting biodynamic & sustainable farming in viticulture. We aim educate wine drinkers through the form of events surrounding natural wines in Thailand, coupling the experience with ideals represented through food and music.

Somm Selections!

Every month, Naturalista highlights a renowned Sommelier whose responsibility is to curate some of the most interesting wine programs at venues in Thailand and around the world. We are honored to work alongside them to push the industry to new heights!