BK Magazine featuring Herbivore!


Would the monsieur care for a little Savignon Blanc 2019 to wash down his Banana Slammer? Perhaps a cheeky rose with your Rozay Cake, madame?

 Bangkok’s most fashionable stoners coalesced at the increasingly interesting Siri House on Saturday for an “Herbivore” event (B420, of course) to sample natty wines, buy bud, chat with growers, and chill to the DJ’s tunes.

Downstairs by the pool, marketers hocked wares from bamboo bongs to CBD soju, and upstairs at Jacqueline, electric lettuce aficionados sampled the latest in smells and strains. The upstairs weed pros grind and pack the herb and patrons sample and buy. 

The pairing came courtesy of Naturalista (bottles starting B1,500), the Bangkok-based natural wine suppliers. The event was organized by Kacha and Broccoli Reserve, with DJ Tam Bryce spinning and looking the part. 

The event was a one-off, but keep your eyes peeled.