Knifes Edge : Chef Johnny - Ocken/Roast

Knifes Edge : Chef Johnny - Ocken/Roast

The food which is paired with wine, is one of the pillars that completes the overall dining experience. In our blog series; ‘The Knife's Edge’, we get personal with some of the chefs who showcase their talents at some of the most exciting dining establishments in Thailand and around the world. It’s with their patronage to Natural wine that the consumer can truly experience a marriage of food and terroir driven ideals.

This month, we are honored to have chef Johnny Liu from Ocken/Roast to share with us his journey; his thoughts on food, and obviously wine!

Tell us a little about your journey so far? 

I count myself very fortunate to have experienced many different cultures at such a young age. Having born in Taiwan and raised in Thailand made a huge impact in my life. Luckily the decision to go straight in to culinary right after high school paid off, I spent some of my most memorable moments of life there. The city, the food scene there has taught me some very important principles about cooking for myself. 

What are your thoughts on the green movement and sustainability? 

As we all can see the green movement and the call for sustainability is becoming more and more serious now, and everyone is taking great measures. 

Personally I feel cooking with a good balance between what can be sourced locally and imported. A lot of ingredients are now tested and grown in Thailand, which I think is wonderful, but using them in the right manner and not just for the sake of using the word "locally grown" 

 Is cereal a soup? 

No cereal is no soup. end of discussion 


What is the most underestimated ingredient in cooking ?

Anchovy ! anchovies don't seem to get enough respect. I like to incorporate them in my sauces to add depth with a little bit of saltiness. 


What are the best and worst purchases you have made? 

Worst Purchase has to go to an avocado saver !  Total waste of money 

Best Purchase goes to plastic quart containers, stackable, inexpensive and also freezer friendly.



What's your go to comfort meal? 

My absolute go to comfort food has to be braised pork belly over rice, a staple in Taiwanese cuisine. I used to eat bowls of this 


What advice would you give for aspiring chefs : 

My advice is simple, be yourself, be open minded and work hard. stay real


Three wines you recommend from the Naturalista shelf :