Rebels of Wine : Judith Beck

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Rebels of Wine : Judith Beck

In our blog series; ‘Rebels of Wine’, We get personal with some of our wine makers who showcase their talents through minimal intervention methods of wine making and their passion for terroir (amongst other things that excite them).  It is with their commitment to creating honest and true wines that we are able to build the foundations of our offerings. Let's get crackin!

This month we were honored to sit down with one of our personal favorites, Judith Beck Of Judith Beck winery.  Her wines are elegant, fruit forward and complex expressions of her vineyards.  Chuggable reds, oxidative whites, and crisp Pet-Nats, there's something for everyone. If you haven't tried her wines, click here to check out the range, truly magical. 

Give us a little insight of your journey. How did you get in to wine making? 

I grew up in a vintner family. When I was a child I was not very much interested in my parents work. I always thought I would have some kind of academic career. When I was 19 I really got into wine. The diversity of taste and the possibility of creating something from the beginning fascinated me. So I decided to follow in the footsteps of my parents, went to wine making school, did some internships abroad and finally took over in 2004 and still love it. I think it’s the most versatile job that one could ever have, there is no standstill, always evolution.

How do you see Wine changing in the next 20 years considering factors of climate change and increased population?

Climate change is and will be the greatest challenge of our times. In my opinion, organic and biodynamic agriculture are the only future-oriented solutions.

What’s your favorite wine at the moment and which musician would it resemble to you?

At the moment I love “Pinotstyle Frankovka 2017” by 7 Radku. A little punk with a lot of style, like Patti Smith.


What is your go to comfort food

Ramen! but also the eggs I use from the chickens on my farm made in several different ways. Scrumptious!


What advice would you give to aspiring Wine makers?

Be yourself and find your own way.


Which 3 wines would you recommend our clients to try!