Rebels of Wine : Julia Casado

Rebels of wine -

Rebels of Wine : Julia Casado

In our blog series; ‘Rebels of Wine’, We get personal with some of our wine makers who showcase their talents through minimal intervention methods of wine making and their passion for terroir (amongst other things that excite them).  It is with their commitment to creating honest and true wines that we are able to build the foundations of our offerings. Let's get crackin!

This month we were honored to sit down with Julia Casado who makes, stunning natural wines from the Bullas region of spain. Her 'Ninja De Las Uvas' is probably one of the best wines from spain we've tasted this year!

Give us a little background on yourself. How did you get into wine making?

After spending a few years in Pfalz (Germany) studying agricultural engineering and music (playing cello) and after 3 months studying regenerative agriculture in Cuba decided to give up my cello an orchestral jobs and get involved in winemaking. Fortunately, I won a scholarship to finish my Diplom in Vega Sicilia and after that I get some others opportunities to make experiencies making wines in different wineries in Germany, Argentina and Uruguay. As I came back to my country, started to work in other wineries in my region, but I felt I had to make my own wine despite I had no money or family tradition and there was not an easy path...So I decided to rent a plot and build my own little modular winery near the vineyards I rented to work with.

What are your thoughts on the green movement and sustainability?

I think that it is not a choice, but a must. We all are like the rest of beings, part of a whole live system, Gaia. If we destroy our house we are destroying ourselves. It is very sad that we humans think that we have some kind of right to harm systematically other life forms instead of look after them.

In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?

Nowadays internet is a tool, I would say for almost everyone.

What is the future of wine?

To engange with its territory: in my opinion, making honest wines means to preserve the wine landsacapes, its History and Heritage to return a socioeconomic sustainable value into many villages. And this should not be incompatible with good prices.

Who is your favorite musician and which wine does his/her music remind you of!

Jacqueline du Pre, a british cellist. She reminds me to Foradori wines: this elegance and pasionate character full of richness and nuances. The beauty of imperfection, inimitable and genuine.

Three wines you would recommend from our selections!

Schmitt, Riesling (Click Here)

Tuets, Garnacha blanca (Click Here)

Nin-Ortiz, Planetes (Click Here)


Check out Julia's awesome wines on our shelf today. You will not be disappointed we can guarantee you!