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Soif Seats : Kangkao

In our blog series; ‘Soif Seats’, We will be providing a monthly review of watering holes that focus their wine program around organic, sustainable and bio-dynamic wines. With the vast array of offerings in town, just labeling wines is not enough. It's about the journey, it always has been. Our monthly highlight will provide an insight into the minds of the people who curate them. Individuals who have built a strong foundation of conviction that sets the real players from the band wagon jumpers. Strap in, fill your we go.



There's always this comforting feeling of being tucked away, hidden from plain-sight, yet still present. Kangkao is our answer to that emotion.


Located in the old town, the space houses a cocktail driven KU Bar (which is also awesome if we may add ) and Kangkao, a minimal intervention focused wine bar with some casual dining options and interesting events.



We really love it when wine selections fall in from left-field. Elaine, who runs and owns Kangkao would really be considered a non-traditionalist in terms of her wine selection. 

F**k traditions anyways, Natural wine is about breaking traditions and so holds true in Kangkao's offerings.

The palette, if we had to generalize (though it's difficult because all the wines are so unique), is a wonderful dreamy mixed basket of complex fruit branching over to dark earthy mushrooms with raspberries. The wine journey is true. It can take you from place to place without ever having to get off your seat.

An unpretentious natural wine bar. Please leave your elitism at the door, thank you. 



Check out their range of Volcanic Frank Cornelissen wines and also their Rose Pet-Nat from Christoph Hoch. Biodynamic bubbles made with love in a single fermentation! Also, get a little adventurous and try the Stephane Tissot wines. Proper natty to get ya batty. 

So, to sum up in a few words. A Well-Crafted list of wonderful winemakers from all over the world. Look to pair your evening with their dining options! Details are below. Where are you drinking today?

Kangkao, 2/F, 469 Phra Sumen Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours
Wed-Sun 7pm-midnight