Soif Seats : Mala

Soif Seats : Mala

In our blog series; ‘Soif Seats', We will be providing a monthly review of watering holes that focus their wine program around organic, sustainable, and bio-dynamic wines. With the vast array of offerings in town, just labeling wines is not enough. It's about the journey, it always has been. Our monthly highlight will provide an insight into the minds of the people who curate them. Individuals who have built a strong foundation of conviction that sets the real players from the bandwagon jumpers. Strap in, fill your we go.

We decided it was time to visit a place that's been on our go-to list for a few months; Mala; A flower shop by day that moonlights as a natural wine bar by night, is a cozy spot tucked away in soi Charoenkrung 43.

Run by a collective of like-minded individuals, Mala's warm, rustic, and dimly lit interiors transport you from the hustle of the world. The wines on offer are rotated regularly.  We were super impressed with  Gramenon wines, highly recommend checking those out!

There are some delicious bites to go along with your wines, fusioned Rostis, Gojuchang Chips, and some delicious cold cuts and cheeses. The Pork Terrine stood out for us along with the Tete De Moine cheese.

We are definitely going back again!

Charoenkrung 43

063 219 7436


Opening hours: 
Wed-Sun / 18:00 to 23:00