Soif Seats : The Rose Natural Wine

Soif Seats : The Rose Natural Wine

In our blog series; ‘Soif Seats’, We will be providing a monthly review of watering holes that focus their wine program around organic, sustainable and bio-dynamic wines. With the vast array of offerings in town, just labeling wines is not enough. It's about the journey, it always has been. Our monthly highlight will provide an insight into the mind's of the people who curate them. Individuals who have built a strong foundation of conviction that set's the real players from the band wagon jumpers. Strap in, fill your we go.


The Rose Natural Wine Bar

Nestled in the middle of Sukhumvit soi 38 (Thong-Lor Skytrain Stop) this coffee specialist by day turns into a minimal intervention wine bar from Wednesday's to Sunday.


The proprietors of this cozy little spot run Hands and Heart, a coffee specialist and roaster who believe in providing the best coffee from around the world; The same standards of curation also spill's into their wine program. The 'Force' of their belief system is truly astounding. None of the owners bare badges, or certifications from the traditional wine world. All their selections are truly from the heart and selected based on raw instinct.

It has always been our opinion that if a wine specialist can detect 5 notes in a wine, coffee specialists with their acute sense of smell, can probably detect twice that amount (tea specialists probably more). We would totally trust them with our dose of 'glou glou'

A concise wine list, with everything by the bottle available by the glass, consists of nature's nectar from all parts of the globe. From unfiltered new world wines to Pet-Nat, there isn't much that you will not be able to choose from.

We highly recommend checking out their selection of Kindeli wines (some of which we don't carry due to limited availability) and also the famed Radikon wine's from which the moon, the stars and universe was created (ok, we're kidding, but it's still fucking amazing wine )

So, to sum up in a few words. Honest-to-Goodness, From the heart. No frills natural wine bar with respectful pricing to match.




The Rose Natural Wine Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok, Thailand




Opening hours

Wed-Sun 7pm-midnight