Somm Selections :  Dirakerit Kotchawong

Somm Selections : Dirakerit Kotchawong

Every month, Naturalista highlights a renowned Sommelier whose responsibility is to curate some of the most interesting wine programs at venues in Thailand and around the world. We are honored to work alongside them to push the industry to new heights!

Let's get to know our Somm!

Resident Sommelier, Wine Guru and Riedel Brand Ambassador, Dirakerit Kotchawong, DK for short, has worked and travelled the world to hone his craft. He brings an energetic approach to showcase Thailand’s premier, Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar. Starting out early in his career in the highly demanding American F&B industry in Orlando and New York, DK has moved onto becoming a Certified Sommelier and has ventured down under to Australia to work alongside some of the most respectable chefs including David Thompson. DK is dedicated to all things wine with an extensive repertoire in vine expertise, cuisine pairings and people skills. He is no stranger giving value-added wine talks and educating wine enthusiasts of all levels to ensure the most wonderful wine experience for everyone. 

What are your thoughts on Natural wine? 

Natural wine is wine made with minimal chemical and technological intervention, both in growing grapes and making them into wine. Of course, this is on text book. For me Natural wine is something I can recognize by aroma, color (unfiltered), I taste them every time I have a chance, which has a personality that is very unique, In my opnion makes them special.

What’s your take on global warming’s impact on the wine world?

Global warming is defined as the increase of the average temperature on the Earth. The shift in global warmth patterns may move premium grape growing regions out of areas currently devoted to that activity and simultaneously cause a shift in current grape variety cultivation. Global warming is not uniform: there is greater warming over land with greater warming at the higher latitudes, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s going to be interesting how vintages unravel themselves in the future.

What advice would you give to aspiring Somms’?

I will give you three words of advice; Be productive, flexible, and think sustainable. Be productive; You need to go the extra mile every day at work. Love what you do and be the best you can be!! Be flexible; You need to learn new things by listening more than speaking and try to adjust it to your process. Make it your own formula. Think sustainable; How you can maintain what you earn. Doesn’t matter how successful you are as result of your self-realized importance, but it’s how you can sustain it that creates a good work-life balance.

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