The Knife's Edge : Chet Adkins - JUA Bangkok

The Knife's Edge : Chet Adkins - JUA Bangkok

The food which is paired with wine, is one of the pillars that completes the overall dining experience. In our blog series; ‘The Knife's Edge’, we get personal with some of the chefs who showcase their talents at some of the most exciting dining establishments in Thailand and around the world. It’s with their patronage to Natural wine that the consumer can truly experience a marriage of food and terroir driven ideals.

This month, we are honored to have Chet Adkins; Co-Founder and Lord of all that is Umami from JUA, Bangkok to break in the first of our chef series.

Give us a little insight on your JUA establishment?

In Japan, the term kushiyaki refers to skewered meats and fresh vegetables grilled over binchotan, or Japanese charcoal. At JUA, My partner, Jason Lang and I, decided to take this idea a few steps further. In addition to classic kushiyaki, we dish out an assortment of japanese and korean delicasies prepared à la minute and served, tapas-style, on plates meant for sharing. This is unpretentious drinking food best enjoyed with good friends and family. The daily beverage menu is a thoughtful collection of craft beers, Natural wines, handcrafted cocktails, artisanal sake and rare, small-batch spirits.

JUA’s primary goal is to promote a memorable social atmosphere that encourages an after work snack, happy hour cocktails or a night out. A place to relax, unwind, and enjoy food and drink as they are meant to be enjoyed, in a immaculately-designed space that combines the spirit of Osaka’s backstreets with vibrant energy and laidback soul of Bangkok’s old town.

What is the most memorable dish you have had :

Cacio e Pepe @ Roscioli in Rome

What is your most prized possession :

The last sashimi knife I bought in Japan last year.
What are your thoughts on Natural wine:

I think it’s great that wine makers are getting back to the way it was before fertilizer and irrigation…Natural is always better and we believe strongly in the movement. Our wine list at JUA is definitely Natural-focused.
Best and worst purchases you have made? :

Best: Every plane ticket in my life.
Worst: My second car that I totaled within 2 months.
A Body part you wouldn’t mind losing? :

I think losing the hair on my head is enough for me!
Does size matter? :

Of course it does, some things taste better when they are smaller.
Three wines from the Naturalista shelf you would recommend our patrons to try?