Workshop Hopping : Rowdy Wine!

Workshop Hopping : Rowdy Wine!

Education has always been the core belief system for us. To really understand Natural wines, you need to be able to understand the differences between conventional and un-conventional wine making as well as the difference in the farming practices undertaken by farmers.

We had the pleasure to host a small master class over this weekend with the intent of providing knowledge to participants about the distinct personality of Natural Wines and encouraging them to be able to trust their own senses when it comes to figuring out whether the wine is truly the expression of terroir or just grape juice on autopilot.

Our visual palette activity challenged our attendees to showcase a visual interpretation of what they felt the wines represented to them and whether their raw instincts could help them come to a conclusion about whether the wine was a conventional wine or not.

It was quite interesting to note that everyone had a different take on each wine in terms of flavor profile which further convinces us that wine is purely an individual journey of the senses and the more expressive the wine can be, the more unique the journey is for us individually and collectively.

Our group was quite diverse, with a mix of attendees from all walks of life. We are truly blessed to be able to provide a platform for Natural Wines and we owe a debt of gratitude to The Commons for hosting us and allowing us to be able to share our love, passion and wines!

Have a wonderful day!