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Grape/Varietal : Chardonnay Color : White
Origin : France Bottle Size : 75cL
Region : Burgundy, Macon ABV : 14.5%
Vintage : NV Natural Factor: No Added Sulphur, Organic.

Wine Insight

The wines of Macon are often maligned for their simplicity and breadth - well, that's not the case with the wines of Domaine Valette.

Baptiste and Philippe Valette are following in the footsteps of their father, Gerrard, producing exceptional wines from their family holdings in Mâcon-Chaintré. These wines, grown without pesticides and made without additions, have elevated themselves above the pack in their home region.

 The combination of enforced lower yields and old vines (40-years-old) sees this Chardonnay show much more power and intensity than you might expect from Macon. It's plush, devastatingly delicious in texture, full of weight and, importantly, fresh to drink.  If you are interested in the underground artisan movement in this region, this wine would be a very god place to start. 

Et Pourtant means “And yet…”, a name to go along with the Vin de France classification on the label as a result of the Macon regulatory ‘tasting panel’ rejecting the wine as too atypical. Originally Valette called this “Je Suis Vire” but was told to cut the “Vire” from the name due to conflict with appellation naming rules. Yes this wine is atypical. It is slightly cloudy due to non-filtration. It is incredibly rich, but completely texturally soft and pure. There is no reduction at all – meaning purer fruit expression. Its basically a middle finger to the system. Valette doing it his own way. 

Pairs Well With:
Indian Chicken Makhani

Sounds Like:
Alfa Mist - Keep On