Gut Oggau is a project in the small town of Oggau in Burgenland, Austria, launched by Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe in 2007. They carefully restored a 17th-century winery that had been abandoned for 20 years, including a 200-year-old press. The vine has allowed all pesticides and chemical treatments to be washed away due to a 20-year period of neglect. This allows them to immediately start working on biodynamic wines, where they are now certified by Demeter.

When they started working with the wines in the cellar, they noticed that each wine looked so vivid with its personality, that they decided to put personality-oriented labels inside each bottle. So they created a family of wines: each wine gets the name of one member of the family, and German artist Jung von Matt drew a face for each label. Children, Atanasius, Theodora and Winifred wines are more direct, light, hearty and energetic. The parents, Joschuari, Emmeram, Timotheus and Josephine, come from vineyards with a little more direct exposure to the sun, and thus more maturity that produces wines with more body and strength.

Finally, grandparents, Mechtild and Bertholdi, come from two unique vineyards of older vines that yield the most traditional wines of the entire lineup. Each wine represents the expression of a very precise and characteristic part of the vineyards, without specifying on the label the composition of the grapes from which it is produced, because in the approach of Stephanie and Eduard the most important element is the terroir, to follow the vintage and only as a last factor the grapes.