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Grape/Varietal : Gamay Color : Red
Origin : France Bottle Size : 1.5 L
Region : BeaujolaisCharmes ABV : 11.5%
Vintage : 2014 Natural Factor: Demeter, Biodynamic


Wine Insight

Bret Brothers was set up in early August 2001 with the aim of producing very fine terroir wines, mainly from the Mâcon wine-producing region in Southern Burgundy.

This undoubtedly ambitious objective, demands a set of strict specifications, which are very important to them, namely; selecting small plots of old vines being worked by enthusiastic wine-growers, on very specific terroir ; buying-in only standing grapes (All grapes bought are certified Organic) ; hand-picking of ripe grapes by their own team; vinification using 100% natural yeasts; matured and bottled in-house; all these steps are performed with the same care, the same passion as for the grapes coming from their own La Soufrandière estate. They are currently producing around 55,000 bottles in 20 different cuvées, from a total of around 10 ha. Since the 2013 vintage, we have also been expanding our range with the fine wines from the Beaujolais region (Fleurie and Morgon), magical terroirs too long overlooked. They have been certified Demeter Biodynamic since 2006.

From the ‘Charmes’ plateau, these organic old vines of gamay yield magnificent, perfumed berries with firm skins. One of the best granite terroirs, with elegance and ‘drinkability.’ 2013, all about nuance, without excess, taking you on an olfactory journey.

Superb wine; fragrant, forward aromas of strawberries with an earthiness; light on the palate with intense

Pairs Well With:
Beet Fritters With Beet Greens Yogurt

Sounds Like:
Arlo Parks - Green Eyes