Every month, Naturalista highlights a renowned Sommelier whose responsibility is to curate some of the most interesting wine programs at venues in Thailand and around the world. We are honored to work alongside them to push the industry to new heights!

This month we are proud feature Natural Wine Wizard, Mr. Giulio Saverino; MD and Sommelier of acclaimed restaurant, About Eatery.

Give us a little insight of your journey.

My interest in wine has been with me since I was a kid. Being raised in Italian family…growing, making and drinking wine are our culture. I always have passion to learn and discover the wine….and I have found that Natural Wine is my true love

What are your thoughts on Natural wine?

Natural wine is a wine made only from grape juice fermented, nothing adding such as additives and sulfur, and nothing removing not fining neither filtration. People think that wine is made only from grapes. The truth is that there are over 50 additives that are completely legal for winemaking. I believe that the wine can communicate better it's place and vintage if those wines are made from organic grape, fermented with natural yeast and very little additions of sulfur or none at all.

How do you see Wine changing in the next 20 years considering factors of climate change and increased population?

Climate changing would be a big challenge for many wine regions in the future. Will be interesting to see how this would effect the wine production, grapes varieties and style of the wines.

What’s your favorite wine at the moment and which musician would it resemble to you?

The Pink Mustache 2017, Intellego, Swartland, South Africa / Andrea Bocelli


What advice would you give to aspiring Somms?

Be humble and never stop learning


Which bottles would you recommend our patrons to try: