About Us

Go Naturalista is an online delivery portal for Natural wines in Thailand. We carefully curate wines based on their impact to the environment and also cherish low intervention methods in vinification.

We run monthly events at some of Bangkok's front runners in the organic, farm to table and sustainably sourced focused F&B venues. Be sure to check us out at a restaurant, bar, art gallery or music space near you!

Naturalista was founded on the ideals of promoting biodynamic & sustainable farming in viticulture, a natural approach to winemaking and a true expression of terroir. With an exposure to the undeniable movement of minimal intervention wines, we aim educate wine drinkers through the form of events surrounding natural wines in Thailand, coupling the experience with ideals represented through food and music.

We hand pick distributors/winemakers working like artisans, crafting and curating unique, individual wines each year.  We want to put the fun back into drinking grapes. 

The term “Naturalista" refers to an ideal that aligns with the practices of low-intervention farming. Our mission is to create events that pay homage to small, family-run wineries that create handcrafted wines with honesty and care. Our aim is to provide exposure to what we think are some of the most exciting and interesting wines currently made-combined with artisan foods and hand crafted experiences.. We believe it’s a winning combination!