Demeter Certified Wines

So Who are they?

Demeter International is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture which was founded upon the principles of Rudolph Steiner, and is one of three predominant organic certifiers. Its name is a reference to Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and fertility. Demeter Biodynamic Certification is used in over 50 countries to verify that biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing. The Demeter certification program was established in 1928, and as such was the first ecological label for organically produced wines.

Certification is difficult to come by and must be renewed annually. Demeter’s “biodynamic” certification requires biodiversity and ecosystem preservation, soil husbandry, livestock integration, prohibition of genetically engineered organisms and viewing the farm as a living “holistic organism”. The certification verifies the fulfillment of the standards on behalf of the farmers, which in turn guarantees high quality food products to the consumers.

What does that mean for Natural wines? A lot .

All processing steps and methodologies used to process both the grapes as well as the ensuing products are to follow the following principles:

  • The product shall be of high quality in sensory terms and digestibility, and taste well.
  • Indigenous yeast, pied de cuve (Demeter or organic), Demeter or organic yeast, GMO free commercial yeast
  • Sulphur dioxide is to be used to the minimum.
  • Processes that require large inputs of energy or raw materials are to be avoided.
  • Aids and additives that raise environmental or health questions, from the point of view either of their origin, their use or their disposal, are to be avoided.
  • Physical methods are preferable to chemical methods.
  • All processing by-products, be they organic residues or wastewater, are to be dealt with so that negative effects on the environment are minimised.

The standards are defined in terms of a positive list of processes, ingredients, additives and aids. All other methods and materials not mentioned in this standard are excluded from the production of Demeter wine. Nevertheless, in order to emphasis the strict prohibition of some common processes and materials, the following are not permitted:

  • The use of genetically modified micro – organisms
  • Potassium hexacyanoferrate • Ascorbic acid, sorbic acid
  • PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone)
  • Diammonium phosphate • Isinglass (Sturgeon swim bladder), blood and gelatine

At Naturalista we believe in the Demeter system. We see the difference in the wines immediately and the quality and enjoyability increases ever more. Besides, Demeter look out for  BioGro and Biodyvin also as certification partners for many of the wines on our site. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to add us on our LINE ID : Naturalistabkk