Ethereum Payments now accepted!

organic, bidoynamic and sustainable wines now available for purchase using ether!

With the growth of the crypto-currency movement globally, we feel the need to also think about the future and adapt ahead of time to fulfill the needs of our clients. Ethereum is our currency of choice!

Ether is a digital currency used for operating smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum network and Ether tokens are not controlled or issued by any bank or government - instead it is an open network which is managed by its users.

Is it safe to your Ethereum?

While Bitcoin allows you take part in a global financial network, using Ethereum you can participate in a global computational network. This is done by means of smart contracts, which are scripts of code that can be deployed in the Ethereum blockchain. Although smart contracts are still a very new technology, they have a wide range of potential applications in many different areas, such as voting, global supply chains, medical records, the financial system, and possibly others that have yet to be discovered.

How to use Ethereum with

At the time of your checkout being processed you will be directed to choose your payment option of choice. Simply select Ethereum and the wallet address will be listed in the details. Please send us the transaction ID via and will process delivery upon confirmation of reciept.

We will not be responsible for incorrect wallet addresses being typed so please double check before confirming payment.

ethereum payments now accepted