Our Pact with the Environment

Over the past few months it dawned upon us that, though we are curating wines that are good for the earth, what are we doing on our end to provide a sustainable end to end delivery? 

Every day new wines reach our ports to further be delivered to points of sale, but the packaging in which they arrive in, tend to be discarded hence creating waste. 

So, from February 2019 on wards, we will be trying to reduce our carbon footprint by lowering our consumption of newly manufactured packaging to kick start our waste reduction program.

Wine bags will be provided on a chargeable basis in case you need to give them as a present to loved ones' But, if you are just going to be drinking in the comfort of  your own home, we will be providing recycled packaging (in good condition)  for free to you. This packaging has been manufactured in many wine growing regions and has accompanied wines on its journey to Thailand, so why waste that?  

We all need to play our part, play yours too!