What is Natural Wine?

‘Natural Wine’ is a word that might confuse you a little. It raises the question; aren’t all wines natural?

On the surface yes, but when you dig a little deeper you find out in a world focused on quicker ROI and cost cutting measures rampant with solutions that are proving to be harmful to our bodies and the earth, we need to give it a re-think.

'Natural wines' as they have been coined, are made with low intervention approaches to farming and wine making. There is minimal use of machinery in the vineyards, most producers hand harvest and use local yeasts as opposed to lab grown strains that manipulate flavors and other profiles. Low use of sulphurs or maybe a little at bottling only if any, recycled composting, necessary farm life to create and generate nurturing microclimates are just certain practices undertaken by most of the wine makers we hand picked.

We at Naturalista aim to provide a platform which brings to market wines based on the techniques of farming that adhere to Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic methods. We believe strongly in certification bodies such as Demeter, Biodyvin and Ecocert and the standards they set for winemakers.

Please browse and enjoy our selections. We are available at your disposal in case you have any questions or just need recommendations! email us nick@naturailstabkk.com