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Grape/Varietal : Menu Pineau Color : White - Pet Net - Sparkling
Origin : France Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Loire ABV : 11%
Vintage : 2021 Natural Factor: Organic


Wine Insight

Alexis Hudon comes from Canada, Quebec to be exact. He worked as a sommelier serving natural wines for ten years in Quebec City, Montreal and Paris.

Alexis arrived in France to harvest the 2014 vintage in Burgundy with Julieu Guillot, then in Anjou with Nicolas Reau and also in Normandy with Cyril Zangs. After a full harvest, Alexis went to Paris to work as a floor manager at Au Coinstot Vino for a year.

Just before his visa ran out, Alexis decided to return for another harvest season in 2015, which is where he met Bertrand Jousset. Alexis stayed to help Bertrand in the cellars to support him with the vinification process. It was the beginning of a great adventure. Bertrand pushed him to train at the Amboise high school where he did an adult training course on viticulture and oenology. Alexis also harvested on the Jousset estate in 2016 with some more work experience in 2017 and in 2018, Alexis had his very first vintage in Bourges, Loire where he continues to make wine.

This wine showcases a very clean and elegant with notes of honey melon and a slightly caramelized finish. When you first open the bottle you get a foamy bubble consistency on the palate, but shortly after some exposure to oxygen, the bubbles settle and allow more room for the flavors to develop.

Pairs Well With:
Mustard-Roasted Pork Loin with Squash Polenta

Sounds Like:
Foo Fighters - Learn to fly