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Grape/Varietal : Merlot Color : Red Wine
Origin : Italy Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Veneto ABV : 13.5%
Vintage : 2018 Natural Factor: Biodynamic 

Wine Insight

Angiolino Maule is one of the founding figures of natural farming and wine-making in Italy. He has been setting an example in both practices since the late 1980’s and is now assisted by his two sons, Francesco and Alessandro.

Their estate is located in the hills of Gambellara between Verona and Vicenza where they have 9 hectares of vines on south-facing volcanic soil slopes. The health of the vineyard is maintained by mowing the grass between the vines, using only naturally produced plant compost (which they make on the property), controlling diseases through the use of herbal teas and other natural products, and bringing back the natural balance to the soil by means of sowing cereals or legumes (oats, field beans, etc.)

In the cellar the non-interventionist approach involves eliminating any artificial products such as selected yeasts, enzymes, etc. They use only natural yeasts, do not filter or fine the wine, and add only a very small amount of sulphur dioxide to the wines just before bottling. For some of the wines, sulphur dioxide has been eliminated completely. These wines are about as pure as they get. Not surprisingly, they taste just like delicious grape juice.

The Grapes selected for this wine comes  from vines of Merlot in the high hill of Gambellara. Fermentation of 15 days with native yeasts and continue contact with the skins for the next 5 days. 18 months in barrique. A big structured wine, great expressive power. The nose is intense of fruit and spices with mineral notes. The flavour is really balanced, fresh, smooth and with a long final. 

Pairs Well With:
Chicken Biriyani

Sounds Like:
Donna Summer - Bad Girls