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Grape/Varietal : Chardonnay Color : White
Origin : France Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Jura ABV : 12.5%
Vintage : 2016 Natural Factor: Biodynamic


Wine Insight

Adeline Houillon and Renaud Bruyère have been building their domaine along the years in Pupillin outside Arbois, starting in 2011 with less than one hectare located in Arbois and with a surface today of 5 hectares stretched between Pupillin and Arbois. Adeline who is the sister of Emmanuel Houillon has been learning while working with her siblings at Domaine Overnoy with Emmanuel and Aurélien. Renaud who is originally from the Rhône (Tain-L'Hermitage, he was a cook there and met Adeline in the rhône) worked with Emmanuel now and then from 2004 to 2007 while refurbishing this house and then with Stéphane Tissot along 7 years from 2007 to 2015 (he kept working there after starting their domaine).

Adeline and Renaud live literally next door to Houillon-Overnoy and vinify their wines in their cellar under their house which has an old rusted sign reading Vins Fins (fine wines). They vinify naturally, don't filter or add anything in the wine and farm.

They vinify everything in parcellaire with 4 varieties altogether : Chardonnay, Savagnin for the whites, and Ploussard and Trousseau for the reds.

The grapes for this wine come from the Les Nouvelles vineyard, which lies to the north of the village of Mesnay in the immediate vicinity of Arbois. The Chardonnay stands there on Lias with limestone and clay portions. The wine is made ouillé, so not oxidatively, and then bottled unfined, unfiltered and without additional sulfur.

The nose is slightly nutty, herbal and cool.  The aroma is dense, intense, stony and so almost devoid of fruit right after opening. Perhaps a bit of quince. The acidity has tremendous pull on the tongue. This really pulls, has grip and lots of power and tickles up to the palate. And despite all the power and intensity, the wine feels very elegant and fine. And it really lingers on the tongue for a long time and even longer in the empty glass. This does not want to give up the aroma at all.


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