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Grape/Varietal : Pecorino Color : White
Origin : Italy Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Abruzzo ABV : 12.5%
Vintage : 2020 *New Vintage* Natural Factor: Organic


Wine Insight

Agricola Cirelli is an organic farm certified surrounded by 23 hectares of land. All of its production is designed to respect the natural cycles of the olive trees, vineyards, horticultural crops and the animal breeding. Crop rotation, natural fertilization, and free range animal grazing are Agricola Cirelli’s “techniques” of production. This harmonious environment creates olive oil, wine, vegetables, fruit and meats of supreme quality.

The farm grows its food and wine in total respect of organic agriculture. Nature sets the rules and it dictates the rhythm of every activity. The animals’ interaction with the land offer natural grazing and fertilization of the vines, which means there is no need to use harmful chemical substances.

Francesco purchased the land in 2003 right after his graduation in Economics at a prestigious European university. Before this, he was a student at the Italian Navy College. He decided to dedicate himself to organic agriculture because of the profound values of working the land.

His favorite wine is his amphora-fermented wine, as they are truly artisanal containers. There is an obligation to only interact manually with the juice, using nothing other than your body. If you have to clean the vessel, you have to go inside it with your swim suit to clean the vessel. This makes for a more emotional process and requires more effort. It’s you and the clay vessel, that is all.

Organic Viticulture has been used to enhance the aromatics of this truly expressive Pecorino. The grapes have been carefully early harvested in order to avoid the high alcohol production (which is typical for pecorino grapes).

This Pecorino tends to be crisp and tightly structured thanks to its abundant, balancing acidity, displaying a lemony zip and subtle complexity, often with floral, yellow to the tropical fruits. Body well balanced with freshness.

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