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Grape/Varietal : Pinot Gris Color : Orange
Origin : Germany Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Baden ABV : 12%
Vintage : 2019 Natural Factor: Biodynamic


Wine Insight

Enderle & Moll are one of Germany’s most progressive and dynamic Pinot Noir producers. Even though they’ve only been going since 2007, the estate has already developed a cult following. Sven Enderle and Florian Moll cultivate 5 hectares of vines in Münchweier, a historic winemaking village on the slopes of the Black Forest in Baden. The sandstone and limestone rich soils found here are capable of yielding lifted and focused expressions of Pinot Noir, and Sven and Florian cultivate some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Baden. Their top single vineyard cuvées ‘Muschelkalk’ and ‘Bundsandstein’ are made from 60 year old vines, and the ‘Liaison’ from 45 year old vines. 

Sven and Florian farm their land organically and biodynamically and all the steep vineyard work is done by hand. Yields are kept very low, the grapes are pressed with a traditional basket press and elévage is carried out in Dujac barrels sourced directly from the Burgundy estate. Despite the Dujac barrels, Sven and Florian are not trying to replicate the Burgundian style. For them, it is far more important to capture and express the potential of their own impressive terroir. For Sven and Florian, overly ripe fruit and high alcohol levels can obscure terroir, which is why they choose to declassify all their wines to ‘Tafelwein’ (table wine). This frees them up to make wine in a more transparent and energetic style; a far cry from the heavy-handed Pinot Noirs Baden is often associated with.

This cuvee is made using 100% Pinot Gris. 4-5 day fermentation on the skins, then pressed. The wine is then moved to a 1,000 liter clay tank and 30-40% of the skins are added back in. It then matures for 10 months before a super-light filtration and a tiny drop of sulfur at bottling. It is markedly darker than the other wines in the lineup but this is solely from the pigment in the skins – it doesn’t see any extra maceration time. Notes of apple, peach, quince, citrus, dried herbs and honey. Light tannins, soft, with medium plus acidity, great minerality and spicy aftertaste with light bitterness

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