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Grape/Varietal : Albilla, Muscat Color : Orange
Origin : Peru Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Lima ABV : 12.5%
Vintage : 2014 Natural Factor : Biodynamic, Vegan

Wine Insight

Peru is home to the oldest vineyards in South America, it’s unique terrain paired with a series of natural disasters never allowed the wine scene to blossom like it did in Argentina or Chile. Today, while there is still a considerable amount of wine being made in Peru, much of it is low quality and often a byproduct of the pisco industry. Pepe Moquillaza, the winemaker and distiller of the renowned Inquebrantable pisco, has been quietly making several fine natural wines that embrace the terroir of Peru’s southern coast.

“It’s a small production that’s very focused on expressing the authenticity of the terrain,” says Moqulliaza on his Quebranta de Ihuanco, made with a grape typically used for making pisco. “On such a small scale, we can really fine tune with chefs and sommeliers. All of our force is to harmonize with their concepts, to give power to the expressions that they are working with.”

“The project in Ihuanco is a wine of the sea, which is five kilometers away in Cerro Azul. So, it’s a very particular expression of the grape with the effect of the fog and marine soil that dates back millions of years,” he says. “The Mimo wines are wines of the desert, not the sea. The expression is bolder with a touch less salinity than in Ihuanco.”

Moquillaza sees potential for more natural wines to be produced in Peru, though help is needed. He recommends that Prom Peru should replicate the work of Pro Chile with how they have promoted small producers in the Itata valley, which in just three years is seeing lots of exports of low volume, high value wines.

While Pisco will remain the iconic spirit that originated in Peru, their wines are rare yet equally delicious. This is a first for us, a natural wine from outside of the capital city of Lima. Made from an equal blend of Albilla (aka Listan Blanco) and Muscat and macerated on the skins for 60 days making it an orange wine albeit not extreme in nature. Aromatic, dry and compelling on the palate. This winery is a dream come true and is a collaborative effort between Leopoldo Quintana and José Moquillaza.

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