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Grape/Varietal : Aligote Color : White
Origin : Burgundy Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : France ABV : 13%
Vintage : 2016 Natural Factor: Organic, No Sulphur 

Wine Insight

Pierre Fenals, the hand behind Maison En Belles Lies, began his professional life in the fashion industry before catching the wine bug. As is the way with biodynamics, the universe conspired to introduce Pierre to Rudolf Steiner through happenstance. He bought one of Steiner’s book on a whim at a Parisian flea market and thus began his journey from cloth to vine (at age 52). This path included raising cows (to learn farming biodynamically) and interning with Trapet, Lapierre, and Emmanuel Giboulot. In 2002 he purchased his first 2.5 hectares of vines in Maranges and in the Hautes Côtes de Beaune. He now also rents and owns vines in Santenay, Monthelie and Corton including a plot of Le Corton itself.

As for the name Belles Lies, it derives from a practice developed by 17th century monks who would dry their barrels and rub them with the lees from the previous vintage. A fitting technique for a vigneron who is yielding pure, traditional translations of place.

Pierre biodynamically farms and uses no sulfur, no commercial yeast, no chaptalization, no additives, no fining and no filtration. Each vineyard parcel gets its own fermentation vat; normally stainless steel for whites and old oak for the reds. Fenals lets his red grapes macerate whole for one lunar cycle before pressing them, picking them during a rising moon and then pressing when it sets. He macerates whole bunches, never de-stemming his reds. He uses natural corks that have been branded with a hot iron instead of printed with ink; he says that the ink changes the flavor of the wine.

"The Bourgogne Aligoté is from biodynamically farmed vines located on the hill above St. Aubin. Fermented with native yeasts and vinified and bottled without the addition of sulfur. Everything here is textbook Aligoté, not too aromatic on the nose, but still revealing hints of citrus peel, white flowers and salted lemon. Stones and underripe stone-fruit, very mineral and sharp on the palate. What I like here is the bit of viscosity that creeps into the finish. It's a quality I've noticed in a few Aligotés to date, and also with the whites from Belles Lies. A beautiful and unassuming wine that deserves a bit of air. "

Pairs Well With:
Brazilian Beef Pastels

Sounds Like:
Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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