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Grape/Varietal : Grenache Gris, Macabeau Color : Light Red
Origin : France Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Roussillon ABV : 10.5%
Vintage : 2019 Natural Factor: Ecocert


Wine Insight

Tom Lubbe is a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa who then ended up founding iconoclastic and influential Domaine Matassa in the Roussillon. After working in South African wineries, he landed in the Catalan village of Calce, interning at Domaine Gauby. After three years, Tom founded his own estate in the area, focusing on the traditional local varietals and some very old (60-120 year-old) vineyards.

The emphasis is on Carignan, Grenache, Macabeu, and Grenache Gris. The terroir is mostly composed of schist and marl, with a small vineyard planted to granitic soil. Production and farming is all natural and biodynamic, and the vineyards are certified organic by Ecocert. The old vines and difficult terroir guarantee low yields and small production, with great emphasis on concentration and minerality.

Tom Lubbe is allergic to sulfites. He sums up his approach to making wines with no added sulfites (NAS) wines as ‘starting off by creating deep or complex vine root systems using a combination of cover crops, compost, and compost teas. This reduces the risk of vine stress, from excess heat or a lack of water. Having created a buffer for them, the vines are then better equipped to produce balanced juice, meaning juice with both lower levels of potential alcohol [lower sugars], and lower pH [meaning juice with sufficient acid strength for a healthy fermentation into a wine which needs far less protection with additives like sulfur dioxide]. 

A blend of Grenache Gris and Macabeu from a tiny (0.5-hectare!) parcel of vines surrounded by wild garrigue. Sappy, lush and at just 10.5% this is far less fearsome than its name - ‘The Ram’ in English. Intense aromas of red berries, peaches and ripe citrus with great mouthfeel. Very intense, fresh and long finish.

Pairs Well With:
Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olive

Sounds Like:
The XX - Sunset

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