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Grape/Varietal :  Greco di Tufo Color : White - Skin Contact
Origin : Gippsland Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Australia ABV : 12.3%
Vintage : 2019 Natural Factor: No Sulphur added


Wine Insight

Momento Mori was born out of a desire to make wines that first and foremost have respect for the living. ‘Momento Mori’ is Latin for ‘Remember that you have to die’ (or near to), after all… New Zealander Dane Johns started his career in wine working for Bill Downie in Victoria, later moving on to start his own label with fruit sourced from just a few organic growers throughout the region.

Dane works primarily with Italian varietals such as Fiano, Moscato Giallo, and Nero d’Avola that seem to shine in this climate. All of Dane’s wines are as hand-made as can be. Small ferments, wild yeast, no new oak, no mechanical pumps, no fining, no filtration, no additions. All of his wines are full of character, freshness and purity, and above all else, they are alive.

This is the lesser seen Greco di Tufo with 10 months on skins, all in stainless steel with no additions at any stage. The wine was moved by gravity, not pressed and had the free run juice drained off. This is a particularly expensive way to make wine but the results speak for themselves. There is not a lot of Greco di Tufo grown in Australia (or perhaps not anywhere else except in Heathcote where Dane sources this variety from). The nose is an aromatic feel of alpine forest with notes of fresh rosemary, uplifting florals, tangerine and lemon citrus. The palate is much of the same with structured harmonious balance and becomes more defined with some air. Stunner!

Pairs Well With:
Northern Thai Cuisine

Sounds Like:
Animal Collective - Walker