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Grape/Varietal : Albanello, Grillo and Zibibo Color : White
Origin : Italy Bottle Size : 75cl
Region :  Sicilia ABV : 13%
Vintage : 2015 Natural Factor: Demeter, Biodynamic 

Wine Insight

Arianna started at age 16 in her uncle Giusto Occhipinti's cellar--he being the proprietor of Vittoria's most famous winery, COS--and loved it, enough to go to oenology school and to jump right into her own production. She began with a mere one hectare of abandoned vines attached to a family vacation house. Though university imparted technical knowledge of a sort, the main influence on her ways in vineyard and cellar was in fact her uncle, who raised his wines as well as his niece on organic viticulture, harvest by hand and native-yeast fermentations, none of which is typical of Sicily's bulk-driven wine production.

There was never any doubt in Arianna's mind about whether to pursue this natural approach in order to express the freshness of the Vittorian microclimate, the minerality of the chalky soils and the purity of the best local grape varieties. She made a number of other significant choices in pursuit of this balance. The farming is biodynamic. There is zero irrigation in her vineyards in this hot, windy climate. Cover crops including fava beans and other useful plants grow between every other row. New plantings are massale selections only. Juice and wine are moved only by gravity. There is no new oak. 

Sicilian white blend by Ariana Occhipinti. Albanello, Grillo and Zibibo (Moscato di Alexandria). Co-fermented with short skin contact. Highly aromatic, light bodied white wine from Sicily. Smell and taste citrus blossoms, melons, lemongrass, cilantro. Has a steely side you notice on the finish. Sicilian producer Occhipinti’s vineyards are on the road “SP68.” Dry sherry, dried apricots, saline, flowers.

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