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Grape/Varietal :  Pinot Noir Color : Red
Origin : France Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Burgundy ABV : 13%
Vintage : 2017 Natural Factor: Biodynamic


Wine Insight

Philippe Pacalet is known as one of the first natural wine producers in France. He currently has a comparatively large production where he rents land from various land owners and produces about 30 different wines in Burgundy. The number of different wines is not uncommon for a Burgundy producer but that all is natural wines is unusual. The 30 different wines also spread the risk if one of the wines turns out not to be a success some year.

Philippe, through his wine company, handles everything in the vineyards from pruning to bottling. His philosophy is that nature shall govern the production and not new technology. Phillip told me that he has an old wine press where he does not separate the stalks before pressing the white wines instead pressing carefully so as not to break the stems.

Philippe does not use chemical fertilizers or sprays in the vineyards and uses the natural yeast. However, sulphur is used to a limited extent to stabilize the fermented wines. The wines produced are unique for each year. Each soil and cultivation, terroir, is evident in the finished wines. A truly master producer and also nephew of famed Marcel LaPierre.

A brilliant garnet-red color with purple reflects, this wine’s fruity notes (raspberries, cherries) blend with elderberry, iris and spices (cloves). The elegant mouthfeel is tasty, round and structured.

Pairs Well With:
Eastern Thai Style Chicken with Sticky Rice

Sounds Like:
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