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Grape/Varietal : Syrah Color : Red
Origin : Australia Bottle Size : 75cl
Region : Barossa Valley ABV : 13%
Vintage : 2014 Natural Factor : Biodynamic 


Wine Insight

Tom Shobbrook is a young man who thinks outside the square. He’s into biodynamic viticulture and ‘natural’, or low-intervention, winemaking, but he’s also quality orientated. He’s no hippy winemaker, but he has a strong sense of nature and respect for the earth. After a year studying agricultural science he went to Italy, and spent five years with the esteemed Chianti producer Riecine. The Tuscan experience affected him deeply and gave him a different sense of a way of life involving various agricultural pursuits. Upon returning to his Barossa Valley home, he couldn’t find anyone in the valley he wanted to work with. He was interested in biodynamic viticulture and natural winemaking, and those ideas were eccentric to Barossans. So he spent a year working in Rob O’Callaghan’s biodynamic vegetable garden at Rockford, helping grow the produce for the Rockford Stonewallers’ lunches.

Then he set up his own winery in a shed on the family farm at Seppeltsfield (tastings), where the vineyard is managed biodynamically. The family still sells 40% of the fruit off their 9 hectares of shiraz, mourvedre and merlot vines to other wineries, but Tom produces several excellent wines under the Shobbrook (tastings) and Tommy Ruff labels.

While the vineyard is being run along biodynamic principles, it’s not certified, because Tom isn’t satisfied with the certifying organisations. He doesn’t believe in adding acid or anything else apart from essential doses of sulfur dioxide. All fermentations rely on environmental yeasts and bacteria. He doesn’t believe in adding copper sulfate or diammonium phosphate to counter hydrogen sulfide, believing that the oxygen introduced by racking is enough, and that biodynamically-grown grapes don’t suffer the lack of nutrients that causes yeasts to produce sulfides in the first place.

This 2014 Cuvee is awesome an awesome Shiraz from Tom Shobbrook. Elegant, with lots of savoury spice and earthy complexity alongside the light plum fruit. Smooth and complex with a lot of personality.

Pairs Well With:
Quinoa, Beet, and Arugula Salad

Sounds Like:
Laura Branigan - Self Control